Mastering Equilibration Level One was an amazing and eye-opening experience for me. It helped and forced me to adapt my understanding of dentistry from a tooth-centric one to a more holistic one. The course was very hands on and taught by a mentor who couldn’t be more passionate about teaching and providing great patient care. I can’t wait to see what is in store in Level Two and above.

Dr. Tim H.

Dr. Muench’s Level One course on Mastering Equilibration opened my eyes to an area of dentistry I feel many of us practicing aren’t comfortable with. I feel much more confident about evaluating cases and presenting equilibration as a treatment modality for my patients. In fact the week following this course I started my first equilibration case! Although there is still much to learn I feel I have gained a good foundation to keep building upon. I highly recommend Dr. Muench’s course to anyone wanting to take their dentistry to the next level.

Dr. Armen A.

In one word, the Equilibration course was just revelatory! Dr Muench and Cibiscino could not have been more enthusiastic about the subject. The lecture and hands-on sections were individualized to each one of us as the faculty to student ratio was very favorable. Individual goals were clearly set, assessed and high quality feedback given throughout the session. Dr Muench’s and Cibiscino’s knowledge on the subject weren’t just transmitted to us, it was made understandable in a way that helped develop our critical thinking and problem solving skills within the mind boggling subject of occlusion! It was an amazing experience learning from teachers who are themselves most dedicated to continuing education. I look forward to the other sessions and would highly recommend this course to anyone!

Dr. Jaafar A.